Transports Fabry, your partner ...

Transports Fabry has been active in the transport of goods for third parties for several decades.

We are present in the Benelux, in France, both in complete lots and in groupage.

Attentive to its customers' needs, Transports Fabry offers everyone the appropriate logistics solutions.

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Semi trailer

City trailer

Solo truck




Equipped with a fleet of around 40 motor vehicles and 120 trailers.

Tractors, solo carriers, truck trailers, citys, ecocombi.


We travel daily in full load or in distribution Belgium, Luxembourg and Moselle.
In weekly groupage, we crisscross the South of France.


38,000 m2 of storage over a total area of 8,7 hectares, spread over 3 sites


Mindful of our carbon footprint, our fleet of motor vehicles is regularly renewed in order to use the latest technology and reduce fuel consumption.


Also environmentally friendly, our eco-combi allows us to transport more pallets, for a consumption barely higher than a traditional trailer.